Peña Flamenca La Bahía – Episode One

October 12th at the Back Room in Berkeley!

This show is meant to be the first of a series of presentations or “episodes,” grouping Bay Area Flamenco professionals who do not typically work together, with the goal of presenting unique and rarely-seen collaborations. The curated group of artists will create and rehearse one unique ensemble piece to present in the show, requiring them to truly “collaborate” together.
After a series of shows, we will curate one larger show presenting the unique pieces each group created for their episode, with the mission of maintaining continuous and creative working relationships in the rich and diverse pool of flamenco artists in the Bay Area.
The cast:
Itamar Shapira
David Páez
Carola Zertuche
Kerensa DeMars
Melissa Cruz
Felix de Lola
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Toque Tercero presents: “August Aguja”

Toque Tercero presents: “August Aguja”

Flamenco Marin CA
Flamenco Marin CA

Thursday, August 17

Andrea La Canela &
Damien Álvarez “en baile”
Dan Fries “guitarra”
Yuli “cante”

$10 cover
Starting at 7:30 PM
Reservations (415) 331-2899
Seahorse Sausalito
305 Harbor Dr, Sausalito, CA 94965